The COWS Diamond DA42 Is Now Available for MSFS

COWS has today released their highly anticipated debut for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Diamond DA42. This project, born from the developers’ passion and their real-world experience with the aircraft, is set to offer a meticulously recreated and high-fidelity rendition of the popular twin-engine airplane.

The team behind COWS is not merely a group of talented developers; they are aviators who have firsthand experience with the DA42, having flown it during their own training. This unique perspective is what sets the COWS DA42 apart in its rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developers’ intimate knowledge of the aircraft’s behavior, systems, and nuances has enabled them to create a simulation that aims to transcend the typical boundaries between real and virtual aircraft.

This deep connection to the real-world DA42 has driven the COWS team to ensure that every aspect of the aircraft is recreated with an unparalleled level of detail and accuracy. From the meticulously modeled visual aspects to the faithfully replicated flight dynamics and systems, the COWS DA42 is poised to be a comprehensive educational tool and a tribute to one of the most beloved aircraft in flight training today.

The Diamond DA42 Twin Star, renowned for its sleek design, advanced avionics, and exceptional fuel efficiency, has long been a favorite among flight schools and aviation enthusiasts alike. Its popularity in educational settings is not just due to its performance and reliability but also because it offers a perfect platform for multi-engine training, instrument rating advancements, and cross-country flying experiences.

With the introduction of the COWS DA42 to Microsoft Flight Simulator promises to be another excellent addition to the lineup of aircraft available in the sim

For starters, the DA42 comes with a very high-fidelity visual model, where the meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the aircraft’s design. Achieved through the extensive use of thousands of reference photos and precise scans of an actual DA42, and further enhanced by the integration with MSFS’s advanced rendering engine, the aircraft offers stunning views at every angle.

The flight model of the DA42, having undergone extensive testing by actual DA42 students and flight instructors, ensures an authentic replication of the aircraft’s performance. This extensive validation process, involving over 1500 hours of testing, has resulted in a flight model that accurately mirrors the real aircraft’s behavior in various flight conditions, including the nuanced dynamics of single-engine operations.

Moreover, the DA42 Series extends beyond visual and flight model accuracy by incorporating a suite of custom systems that simulate the aircraft’s operational complexities. These systems offer an immersive experience that is both educational and engaging, covering accurately modeled electrical and hydraulic systems, realistic deicing, and more. Working Title’s excellent G1000NXi is at full display here, alongside with seamless integration with Navigraph charts for a very immersive navigational experience inside the cockpit.

The developers also promise that simulation of engine damage, failures, and state saving will be introduced in future updates.

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The auditory experience of the DA42, created by Boris Vanian of Boris Audio Works, known for his sound packs and collaborations with renowned developers such as FlyByWire in their A32NX or FlightFX and the Vision Jet, is another highlight of the product. Sounds sourced directly from local DA42s provide a dynamic and immersive auditory experience that complements the visual and functional realism of the aircraft.

The COWS DA42 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is a comprehensive simulation package that offers an exceptional blend of modern graphics and sounds, underpinned by realistic aircraft behavior and operations. It’s tailored to meet the needs of both training pilots and flight simulation enthusiasts, which highlight its ambitious scope!

Now available from Orbx, the COWS DA42 Series is priced at approximately $30.00 / €28.00. Besides the included liveries, an extra pack of 4 flight school liveries is also available. A Marketplace release is also expected soon.