Spruce up your TBM 930 with this livery pack

The Daher TBM 930 is one of the best default aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Its impressive performance, looks and flight dynamics make it a great choice for a quick sightseeing hop or even a longer business trip at 30.000 ft.

The default livery is nothing to be ashamed about, but as usual the flight sim community came up with alternative liveries that pilots can choose based on their individual preferences. The best pack at this moment for the TBM is definitely Liquidpinky Daher TBM 930 Livery Pack over at Nexus Mods. This mod adds an additional 18 liveries for the TBM, including 5 colour variations, some country flags and even a FedEx skin.

In order to install this pack, just unzip the Liveries-tbm930 folder to your Community folder inside MSFS main folder. Watch this video if you need any help. Check below some screenshots of our favorites from this pack!

  • MSFS TBM Liveries 10
  • MSFS TBM Liveries 12
  • MSFS TBM Liveries 9
  • MSFS TBM Liveries 7
  • MSFS TBM Liveries 16
  • MSFS TBM Liveries 15
  • MSFS TBM Liveries 6
  • MSFS TBM Liveries 3
  • MSFS TBM Liveries 1
  • MSFS TBM Liveries 21