RDPresets Releases Highly Detailed Salzburg Airport (LOWS) Scenery for MSFS

RDPresets has released today its latest project, a meticulously detailed rendition of Austria’s Salzburg Airport (LOWS). This new product, priced at €19.99, promises to bring unparalleled realism and immersion to this stunning city by the Alps!

Salzburg Airport, operational since 1910, is an international gateway serving the city of Salzburg, the fourth-largest in Austria. With a passenger volume of 1.6 million in 2023, it is a pivotal hub for access to Austria’s vast ski regions.

RDPresets’ version of LOWS aims to offer an exceptionally detailed model of the airport and its surroundings, employing the latest in 3D modeling and scenery development technologies.

DRPresets LOWS Salzburg Airport MSFS 4

DRPresets LOWS Salzburg Airport MSFS 3

DRPresets LOWS Salzburg Airport MSFS 7

DRPresets LOWS Salzburg Airport MSFS 1

DRPresets LOWS Salzburg Airport MSFS 2

DRPresets LOWS Salzburg Airport MSFS 5

The developer claims that their rendition of Salzburg Airport comes with an array of features designed to deliver a highly realistic and enjoyable experience:

  • Realistic Replica: An accurate model of LOWS Salzburg Airport, including the iconic Red Bull Hangar 7.
  • Custom Modeling and Texturing: Complete custom work with PBR textures across the entire airport.
  • 3D Interior and Passengers:
  • Detailed Apron and Surroundings: Over 1000+ clutter objects meticulously placed to recreate the airport’s environment.
  • Custom Ground Textures: Faithfully recreated asphalt textures to mirror the real airport’s ground surfaces.
  • Performance Optimizations: Adjustments to ensure smooth performance without compromising on detail.
  • Accurate Night Lighting: Realistically simulated night lighting for an authentic flying experience at any hour.
  • Custom Taxiway Signage and Ground Traffic

The trailer video from AviationLads leaves no doubt: we’re looking at truly impressive work that invites everyone to come and see Salzburg’s stunning vistas!

Salzburg, nestled at the edge of the Alps, presents a unique set of meteorological and geographical challenges that can vary dramatically with the seasons. Pilots can test their skills against the backdrop of the stunning Alpine scenery, navigating through complex weather patterns, including fog, snow, and gusty winds that are characteristic of the region.

When the weather is calm and the landscape stretches as far as the eye can see, the airport’s proximity to the Alps provides a spectacular setting for leisurely flights, offering breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, lush valleys, and crystal-clear lakes. VFR pilots have the opportunity to explore the picturesque landscapes of Austria, making it an ideal location for sightseeing flights and photography within the simulator.

For airliner pilots, LOWS also offers simmers the chance to embark on a variety of short-haul and medium-haul flights to destinations throughout the continent. Whether it’s a quick hop to Vienna, a scenic flight to Zurich, or a business route to Frankfurt, Salzburg Airport opens a network of available destinations throughout the continent.

RDPresets’ Salzburg Airport is available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator for €19.99.

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