UK2000 Releases EGNC Carlisle Lake District Airport Airport for MSFS

UK2000 Scenery has unveiled its latest creation for the MSFS community. This time, the developer presents a custom rendition of the historic Carlisle Lake District Airport (EGNC), located near Carlisle in Cumbria, England.

Originally established in 1941 as RAF Crosby-on-Eden, Carlisle Lake District Airport has a storied past, serving as an important military airfield during World War II. After the war, it transitioned to civilian use, supporting a range of general aviation activities.

Despite a temporary closure in 2004 due to financial issues, the airport experienced a revival in 2019 under the stewardship of the Stobart Group, which aimed to connect the Lake District with various UK destinations. Unfortunately, the anticipated resurgence was halted by the global pandemic, affecting the airport’s operational viability.

EGNC Carlisle Airport UK2000 MSFS 2

EGNC Carlisle Airport UK2000 MSFS 5

EGNC Carlisle Airport UK2000 MSFS 6

EGNC Carlisle Airport UK2000 MSFS 7

EGNC Carlisle Airport UK2000 MSFS 3

EGNC Carlisle Airport UK2000 MSFS 8

EGNC Carlisle Airport UK2000 MSFS 1

EGNC Carlisle Airport UK2000 MSFS 9

UK2000’s rendition of Carlisle Lake District Airport seeks to capture both the airport’s historical and contemporary aspects, offering simmers a higher fidelity version of this scenery in MSFS. Typical of the developer, we’re looking at a fairly detailed airport, which, despite not being up to the most modern standards in its use of PBR texturing and modeling, still promises to offer a significant improvement in realism and accuracy compared to the default scenery.

This scenery is now available for purchase exclusively on the MS Marketplace and Simmarket, priced at $9.99 / €9.90 plus taxes.

Furthermore, UK2000 Scenery has announced a significant shift in its sales strategy, moving away from direct sales on its website. This decision reflects the evolving digital landscape of flight simulation distribution, where direct sales now account for a mere 5% of the company’s revenue. Starting February 9th, UK2000’s website has begun redirecting customers to Simmarket for all purchases.