New Images of 29Palms’ Santorini Scenery for MSFS

Few destinations are as iconic as Santorini Island in Greece. This ancient volcano is home to some of the most breathtaking views in the world and draws large throngs of tourists, mostly couples, who find the location to be the perfect setting to promise everlasting love.

To accommodate the 2 million visitors it receives each year, Santorini has a small airport that handles all that traffic. Neither the airport nor the island itself are particularly impressive in the default MSFS scenery – in fact, they’re quite underwhelming. However, 29Palms Scenery Design has been working on improvements with an airport and scenery overhaul that promises to bring this location up to a significantly more realistic standard in MSFS.

Nearly a year after the initial announcement, 29Palms has shared a short but significant status update on their progress. The latest previews reveal that the project, centered around Santorini’s airport with some improvements to the overall landscape as well, is edging closer to completion.

29Palms Santorini MSFS 4

29Palms Santorini MSFS 7

29Palms Santorini MSFS 6

29Palms Santorini MSFS 2

29Palms Santorini MSFS 5

29Palms Santorini MSFS 3

According to Lars Pinkenburg from 29Palms, “A lot of work has been done around the airport. This product focuses on the airport but will also include upgrades to the island such as custom high-resolution mesh.

The addition of custom high-resolution mesh is particularly interesting, as this addresses a key low point in the existing scenery. Santorini is famous for its dramatic cliffs that plunge into the caldera, so proper high-resolution terrain mesh is crucial to realistically recreate this elevation characteristic.

29Palms hasn’t revealed any timeline for the release, but it shouldn’t take much longer to deploy. For now, enjoy the latest images and stay tuned for further updates as we continue to monitor the progress of this project.

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