RegDesigns releases CZBA Burlington Executive Airport for Flight Simulator

RegDesigns may be a new player in town, but the studio’s airports for MSFS have proven to be high-quality renditions of their real-world counterparts. The latest addition to the team’s portfolio in MSFS is CZBA Burlington Airpark, a small privately-owned GA airport in Ontario, Canada.

CZBA is one of the busiest general aviation airports in Canada, with dozens of movements every day, a number that is expected to increase with the possible closure of Buttonville Municipal Airport.

RedDesigns have shown good attention to detail and a high-quality standard when it comes to their scenery creations, and CZBA is no exception. It seems to be a beautifully rendered airport, with high-quality buildings, objects and textures.

The developers promise that this is the most accurate version of CZBA ever created for a flight simulator. From the precise representation of the current state of the airport, to the implementation of correct runway elevation and profile, to the hundreds of hand-placed objects throughout the scenery, RedDesigns is sparing no effort to release a truly impressive rendition of this airport.

CZBA Burlington Airport MSFS 9

CZBA Burlington Airport MSFS 8

CZBA Burlington Airport MSFS 7

CZBA Burlington Airport MSFS 6

CZBA Burlington Airport MSFS 5

CZBA Burlington Airport MSFS 4

CZBA Burlington Airport MSFS 3

CZBA Burlington Airport MSFS 2

Make sure to check the great product images to get an idea of what to expect from this scenery. If you’re looking to explore Ontario in MSFS this would be a great option to have as a base. But RedDesigns have two other airports in Southern Ontario that you may want to check out: Guelph (CNC4) and Waterloo (CYKF).

CZBA – Burlington Executive Airport is now available from Simmarket for around $15, and should also be coming to the MSFS Marketplace soon.