Flysimware’s Sierra C24R Enters Coding Phase After Design Completion

Flysimware has established a commendable reputation within the MSFS community, particularly with their acclaimed Cessna 414AW Chancellor, widely regarded as one of the best twin-engine GA airplanes on the platform.

Following this success, they launched the Learjet 35A, which is currently in early access and receiving continuous updates aimed at achieving the high standards set by the C414.

Beyond maintaining the C414 and developing the Learjet, Flysimware is also working on the Beechcraft Sierra C24R and the Lancair Starhawk. While the Starhawk remains under wraps, the Sierra has been the focus of several teasers and previews since its announcement in September 2022.

Flysimware Sierra C24R MSFS 13

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This week Flysimware decided to share a status update on this project via a YouTube video, revealing that the team is now focusing on coding the aircraft’s systems and behaviors, having completed the modeling, texturing, and animations. This marks a critical phase in the development process, aiming to ensure that the Sierra’s visual model behaves as realistically as possible in the simulator.

The preview images released so far have showcased a highly detailed 3D model and textures, with a particular emphasis on the aircraft’s interior, suggesting that the Beechcraft Sierra C24R will be a visually stunning addition to MSFS, enhanced by the functionality of the G3X avionics system. Contrary to traditional analog gauges, the Sierra will feature a modern avionics stack, including the Garmin G3X and support for navigational units like the GTN 750 from PMS50 and TDS.

The G3X system, until now met with disdain due to its limited capabilities, is set for a significant upgrade by Working Title in Sim Update 15, scheduled for release in March. This upgrade will bring the G3X closer to its real-world counterpart, offering features like internal VFR point-to-point and direct-to flight planning, COM/NAV radio and transponder control via touchscreen, and extensive customization options, along with a fully modeled Engine Information System (EIS) and updated METAR information for comprehensive engine and weather monitoring.

As for the Sierra C24R’s release timeline, Flysimware has not yet provided specific expectations, nor is it clear if they will continue their approach of releasing products in early stages and iterating based on community feedback. Nonetheless, the Sierra C24R represents an exciting prospect for GA enthusiasts in MSFS, promising another high-fidelity small aircraft to explore the virtual world. Stay tuned for further updates!

Flysimware Sierra C24R MSFS 5