Watch the teaser for the COWS Diamond DA42, coming soon to MSFS

It was almost a year ago that we learned that COWS (Creator of WorldS) was working on their first project for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Diamond DA42. As we start a new year, the developer came out with some good news! The project is nearing completion and should be out in a few weeks.

To whet the appetite of virtual pilots, COWS published a short teaser trailer that manages to leave some very good impressions. This DA42 is certainly a good looker! As for the planned features, there’s quite a comprehensive official list already and it seems there will be a lot to keep simmers entertained.

Starting with the two engines, COWS is planning for an in-depth simulation. This includes an advanced engine map and dual Electronic Control Units (ECUs) to ensure accurate engine performance. Pilots can expect to engage in realistic ECU test procedures and error detection, mimicking real-world troubleshooting and maintenance scenarios.

The simulation extends to manifold pressure, fuel injection, and turbo systems, all intricately modeled and some responding to environmental factors such as rain. The aircraft also boasts custom simulations for water and oil cooling systems, complete with a water pump, thermostat, and an oil-water heat exchanger.

COWS Diamond DA42 MSFS 2

COWS Diamond DA42 MSFS 1

The COWS DA42’s flight model in MSFS aims to capture the actual aircraft’s performance as outlined in the flight manual. This authenticity is further bolstered by feedback from DA42 instructors and students, ensuring a realistic and accurate flight experience.

COWS is also promising comprehensive systems and avionics. For example, the electrical system is claimed to be accurately modeled, complete with potential failures and circuit breakers. Pilots will also need to manage the deicing system and stall heat, crucial for handling adverse weather conditions. The aircraft will also feature the excellent Working Title G1000NXi.

COWS Diamond DA42 MSFS 4

COWS Diamond DA42 MSFS 5

In terms of visuals, this DA42 will come with high-resolution, 4K textures for both its exterior and interior models. The interior model offers options for different panel colors and showcases moderate to heavy wear for added realism. The exterior model also doesn’t shy away from showing realistic wear and tear, including fiber-glass scratching and TKS leaks, based on actual DA42 aircraft.

Finally, there are the sounds. These are being worked on by Boris Vanian from Boris Audio Works and promise to offer a high-fidelity and dynamic soundtrack to the DA42 complete audio environment.

The COWS DA42 seems to be another compelling addition to the list of general aviation twin-engined aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It remains to be seen how the developer’s inaugural MSFS project will be received, so stay tuned for further updates as the release approaches!

DA42 FS Feature List:


  • Engine map
  • Dual ECUs
  • ECU test procedure
  • ECU error detection and switching
  • ECU runtime saving and High altitude flameout prevention
  • Custom Manifold pressure, fuel injection and turbo simulation with alternate air and filter icing
  • Custom water cooling with water pump and thermostat (affected by rain)
  • Custom oil cooling with oil-water heat exchanger
  • Custom oil pressure simulation with oil bypass valve
  • Gearbox temperature simulation
  • Fuel temperature simulation
  • Oil and fuel starvation when flying inverted
  • Custom fuel pressure simulation
  • Fuel slosh and starvation when slipping with low fuel
  • Reaction to engine failures and failure modes
  • Propeller feathering, windmilling and piston compression physics
  • De-feathering accumulator
  • Glow plug controller


  • Slight differences of the engine parameters (temps, pressures, rpms)
  • Slow and delayed engine indications
  • props come off the start lock when master is turned on
  • Feathering and windmilling

Flight-model & 3D

  • Number for number performance to AFM
  • Verified testing & feedback from countless DA42 instructors and students
  • Accurate single-engine physics and demonstrations
  • Custom elevator, rudder and aileron animations (elevator and rudder trim moving the surfaces)
  • Elevator backstop
  • Tiny bump when dropping the gear
  • Deceleration on touchdown
  • Airframe shake during ground power runs
  • 4K textures across the board for incredible details and reflections
  • Intricate exterior model matched with hundreds of pictures at various angles
  • Intricate Interior model featuring moderate and heavy wear
  • Interior model features an option of black panel/standard grey
  • Subtle and photorealistic photo-overlays for incredible lifelike texturing
  • All placards sourced and positioned from Diamond maintenance manuals
  • Exterior model features realistic moderate and heavy dirt/wear to match our local DA42
  • Fibre-Glass scratching
  • TKS leaks


  • Accurate electrical system with failures and circuit breakers
  • Custom standby attitude indicators (pull to cage simulation)
  • Deice system with weight
  • Custom gear pump simulation with statesaving + emergency gear extension
  • Stall heat
  • Trim disables autopilot
  • Custom lighting that warms up and responds to system voltage
  • G1000 brightness also responds to system voltage
  • Alternator voltage simulation


  • From the one and only Boris Audio Works (sounds for FBW A32NX, FlightFX vision jet, etc)
  • Sound simulation follows systems, e.g. hydraulic actuator
  • Dynamic engine, wind, and ground roll sounds
  • Engine sounds differ depending on prop pitch, fuel flow, and speed
  • Wind sounds are also dynamic, creating howling sounds in slips and drag noises with gear and flaps
  • Sounds sourced from first party sources, local DA42
  • Headset simulation