FlightLog Analyzer for MSFS lets you see all your flight history and other logbook data

Many of you likely have accumulated hundreds or even thousands of hours piloting various aircraft, traversing numerous flight routes, and exploring different countries in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This extensive data is typically stored in the Microsoft Flight Simulator logbook, often overlooked and underutilized on your PC.

Now is the perfect opportunity to delve into this wealth of information and discover more about your flight simulation history with FlightLog Analyzer!

FlightLog Analyzer is a newly developed software utility that offers a wide array of features for in-depth analysis and management of your flight logs. It functions as both a flight analyzer and viewer, enabling users to access a wealth of detailed information about their flight history in MSFS. This includes data on flight locations, aircraft utilized, distances covered, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Main Display: The main display of FlightLog Analyzer pulls data directly from the MSFS logbook, offering options to summarize, graph, export, and edit your flight data. It supports both 12-hour and 24-hour formats and can display times in local time or GMT. The logbook columns are customizable, and a pie chart shows the percentage of logbook capacity used.
  • Flight Map Viewer: This feature graphically displays the path of your flights. It integrates with Google Earth, allowing users to view their flight paths with satellite overlays or standard maps. The altitude profile can also be displayed alongside the flight path.
FlightLog Analyzer MSFS 2
  • Flight Profile Viewer: The Flight Profile Viewer graphically displays the altitude profile of your flights, plotting altitudes against flight time or distance. It shows MSL Altitude, AGL Altitude, and Ground Elevation.
  • Group Analysis & Summaries: Flights can be categorized and summarized by various attributes, such as aircraft model, type of flight, weather conditions, and flight end status. This feature provides a detailed breakdown of flight data over different periods (30, 60, 90 days) and by aircraft types.
FlightLog Analyzer MSFS 5
  • Logbook Editor: This feature allows users to permanently delete unwanted flights from the FS logbook, with options to identify short flights or flights that ended in a crash.
  • Logbook Backup & Restore: Automatically generates restore points each time flights are deleted, enabling users to revert to previous versions of the logbook. Users can also create backups on demand.
  • Logbook Exporter: The Export Tool converts the FS logbook into an Ascii file, supporting formats like .CSV, .XML, and .KML, which can be imported into various applications like Excel, Google Earth, Volanta, and LittleNavMap.

FlightLog Analyzer offers some very cool insights into your flight history in MSFS. One of my favorite features is the ability to display all my flights on a map, which gives immediate visibility over the regions where I fly the most. Crucially, it also shows that much of the world is yet to be explored, which is an excellent help in deciding where to go next. This is great for world explorers who like to be virtual tourists in MSFS.

FlightLog Analyzer MSFS 3
An easy way to see where you’ve been… and what’s left to be explored!

The application comes in three versions: Freeware, Standard, and Pro.

  • Freeware Version: Offers basic functionalities like viewing the logbook and summary analysis. It also includes flight path maps and altitude profile charts, but only for a limited 15-day period.
  • Standard Version: This version includes all freeware features plus the ability to export the logbook to Excel, Google Earth, Volanta, LittleNavMap, SimToolKit Pro and more.
  • Pro Version: Alongside the standard features, it allows editing of the logbook, meaning you can remove unwanted flights from the logbook and even correct missing takeoff and landing data.

The Standard license is priced at $12, while the Pro version costs $18, both a one-time fee.

FlightLog Analyzer MSFS 6

FlightLog Analyzer is a must-have tool for serious simmers looking to get in-depth insights into their flight history. The interface is not the most elegant in the world, but it’s easy to use and offers a range of features that are invaluable for managing and analyzing flight data in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

FlightLog Analyzer is available directly from the official website on both its free and paid versions.