FlyLat, a new VA system with dynamic economy, enters Public Beta

FlyLat has been making promises to become the ultimate virtual airline system for flight simulation, striving to offer simmers a way to enhance their home aviation experience and give more purpose to their flights. It’s been some time since we last discussed this software, but we’re excited to report that 2024 is kicking off with a significant milestone for the FlyLat development team: the software is now available in public beta, allowing everyone to start experiencing what it’s all about!

Developed by the team behind the popular LukeAirTool, FlyLat is designed to simulate the intricate operations of running an airline within the MSFS environment. The system introduces a dynamic economy that responds to real-world events, player actions, and even natural disasters, aiming to provide a highly immersive experience for virtual pilots.

flylat public beta msfs 2

Key Features of FlyLat:

  • Dynamic Economy and Management: FlyLat allows users to experience the challenges of airline management, including route planning, fleet maintenance, and financial decisions, all influenced by a dynamic economic model.
  • Detailed CEO Dashboard: The dashboard for CEOs is a central feature, offering a comprehensive overview of airline operations. It includes company stats, financials, and a notification panel for updates on flights and employees.
  • Customizable Airline Options: Users can personalize their airlines with custom logos, call signs, and headquarters locations. The system also allows for the future expansion of these customization options.
  • Route and Fleet Management: CEOs can manage routes and fleets with detailed information on each aspect. This includes the ability to buy and sell aircraft, manage routes, and oversee the condition and location of each plane.
  • Employee Management: The platform includes features for managing virtual employees, from pilots to administrative staff. CEOs can hire, promote, demote, or fire employees based on performance and company needs.
  • Flight Operations: Pilots can choose from various flight options, including scheduled and non-scheduled flights. The system tracks flight details, passenger numbers, and financial performance.
  • Integration with MSFS and Other Simulators: FlyLat is designed to integrate seamlessly with MSFS and plans to expand compatibility with other simulators, broadening the scope of operations.
  • Accessible Pricing Model: The public beta phase allows users to experience FlyLat without a subscription. The pricing model is designed to be accessible, with CEOs paying an annual fee and pilots participating for free.

The public beta of FlyLat is a crucial phase for testing and refining the system. Users are encouraged to provide feedback to help the developers enhance the platform’s features and usability. This phase is not only an opportunity for enthusiasts to try out the system but also plays a vital role in shaping the future of FlyLat.

flylat public beta msfs 3

In 2024 Q2, FlyLat plans to introduce a subscription service exclusively for company owners within its virtual airline system. This subscription, priced at £34.99 for the first year and £11.99 for each subsequent year, aims to provide enhanced features and exclusive benefits.

Subscribers will have comprehensive access to manage their airline, including the ability to create custom announcements that adjust according to weather, time of day, and destination. Additionally, the subscription includes a personalized webpage for the airline (example:, options to upload and host custom liveries, and the ability to create unique sound packs. The service promises very frequent updates to ensure a continuously evolving user experience.

flylat public beta msfs 4.jpg

Furthermore, FlyLat offers free flying within the app for all pilots associated with a subscribed company. This policy is designed to encourage participation and contribution to the success of each virtual airline, enhancing the overall experience for those involved in the FlyLat platform.

As FlyLat continues to evolve, the developers promise regular updates and improvements based on user feedback. The goal is to create a virtual airline management system that is both realistic and enjoyable for the MSFS community.

For more information and to participate in the public beta, visit FlyLat’s official website or and download the latest version of the app.