Parallel 42 launches Simstaller, a new tool to identify add-on conflicts within Microsoft Flight Simulator

Well renowned developer Parallel 42 has launched ‘Simstaller’, a free new utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator that promises to identify conflicts between addons.

Described as a revolution by Parallel 42, Simstaller’s “innovative Virtual File System (VFS) scan feature swiftly detects these conflicts.”

Paralell 42 added: “The Virtual File System (VFS) in MSFS is a key part of our experience, and add-ons are overwriting core files, each other, and causing chaos in our sims. It’s time for developer bad practices to stop, time for us to take control of our installs, and we’re going to help televise the revolution with this tool and its ability to create reports. You’ll now be able to see WHO is doing WHAT with every single add-on.”


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Simstaller has been designed to be resource-efficient and lightweight, “ensuring unnoticeable resource usage”, according to the team.

Addon conflicts are a regular occurrence in MSFS; indeed many developers recommend ’emptying the community folder’ as a first step to resolving bugs. While not all conflicts are necessarily an issue, issues between packages and core sim files can result in problems including overwritten core fonts, avionics, registration numbers, and more.

Simstaller is available to download from the Parallel 42 site now.