Flysimware announces development of the Lancair Legacy for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flysimware has announced a new addition to their roster of aircraft in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the Lancair Legacy. The team responsible for the stellar C414 Chancellor, currently one of the best GA airplanes for MSFS, now has three exciting new aircraft in development for the simulator, as they have also been working on the Sierra C24R and Learjet 35A.

The Lancair Legacy, a high-performance homebuilt aircraft renowned for its speed and efficiency, promises to be a delight for MSFS simmers. Known for its sleek design, exceptional speed, and smooth handling, the Legacy has long been a favorite among aviation enthusiasts.

Flysimware’s version of the Legacy is set to be a meticulous recreation crafted with unwavering attention to detail. The announcement revealed that the Flysimware team is building an exact copy of a real-world sample of the Lancair, N321TF StarHawk. The team has already ordered an exterior scan of the aircraft in order to get a highly-accurate 3D model of the plane. This, coupled with the interior scan and modeled parts that StarHawk’s owner has provided, should ensure that the virtual rendition of the Legacy will mirror its real-world counterpart with great fidelity.

Flysimware Lancair Legacy MSFS 2

Flysimware is renowned for their meticulous attention to accuracy and realism, and their Lancair Legacy, appears to be maintaining this high standard. The exceptional levels of realism and detail seen in the C414 were achieved owing to the developer’s profound knowledge and unrestricted access to an actual aircraft. In a similar vein, the team will have the advantage of consulting with the Lancair’s owner, gaining invaluable insights about the plane. Therefore, this project is poised to become yet another remarkable endeavor from Flysimware.

For now, Flysimware has unveiled several preview images that highlight the ongoing work on the aircraft model. It’s important to remember that such an ambitious project will undoubtedly require considerable development time, so an imminent release isn’t expected. Our immediate anticipation is for the debut of the Sierra C24R and Learjet 35A, two unique and thrilling aircraft in their own right.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on this development as we get new updates from Flysimware. Stay tuned!

Flysimware Lancair Legacy MSFS 5
Flysimware is making their Lancair based on the gorgeous StarHawk.