Flysimware announces its next airplane for MSFS: the Beechcraft Musketeer C24R Sierra

Editor’s note: the image above is an actual photo of a Beechcraft Sierra and does not represent Flysimware’s announced product in any way.

Flysimware may be enjoying the rollout of the excellent Cessna 414AW in the MSFS Marketplace, after months of continuous improvements and availability in select stores, but the team doesn’t seem to be resting on their laurels. A new airplane is now in the pipeline for the next release from the team, and it’s another general aviation classic: the Beechcraft Musketeer!

The announcement came through the dev’s Discord server, and states that the team decided to settle on the C24R Sierra for their next project because it’s the most documented aircraft they can get access to at this time. Remember that the C414 is a faithful recreation of a real-world airplane that is owned by a member of the development team, so they clearly like to have as many details as possible to start a new project!

Just like they did with the 414, Flightsimware is looking to build a study-level model of the C24R Sierra, so we should expect a comprehensive simulation of all the different systems, avionics, and flight model.

Flightsimware was sparse in details about this new aircraft, but they did reveal that the C24R will come with a configurable analog instrument panel with choices for G3X / G5 / GTN750 / GTN 650 combos and GFC600 autopilot.

That’s all there is to it at this moment. No images or previews of any kind, just the promise to bring to Microsoft Flight Simulator another classic GA airplane of the Beechcraft family. As always, we’ll bring you the first preview images of this promising new airplane from Flysimware, along with any additional information about features, release estimates, and more. Stay tuned!