Carenado unveils its next aircraft for MSFS: the Cessna 182RG

Carenado has announced the imminent arrival of another popular general-aviation classic for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the Cessna 182RG! The news, shared via the developer’s Facebook page, was accompanied by a series of stunning preview images showcasing the model’s interior and exterior, which depict Carenado’s remarkable attention to detail in the graphics department.

The Cessna 182RG, a retractable gear variant of the popular Cessna 182 series (which Carenado has already released for MSFS), is a beloved classic among pilots for its performance and versatility. It’s now soon making its way to MSFS with that unique underside twist, which makes for a more elegant and streamlined airplane when in flight.

Besides the enhanced looks, the retractable landing gear of the 182RG offers several advantages over the tricycle gear variant. The primary benefit is improved aerodynamics, which results in higher cruise speeds and better fuel efficiency. This makes the 182RG a favorite among pilots who prefer a more dynamic flying experience. Just don’t forget to put that gear down before landing!

Carenado 182RG MSFS 7

Carenado 182RG MSFS 6

Carenado 182RG MSFS 5

Carenado 182RG MSFS 4

Carenado 182RG MSFS 3

Carenado 182RG MSFS 1

However, this feature also introduces additional complexity in terms of maintenance and operation, which can be a disadvantage in real-world scenarios. “If only Carenado could bring the challenges of these additional maintenance requirements to the virtual world…”

In addition to the 182RG announcement, Carenado also confirmed plans to bring their entire existing portfolio to MSFS. This may have been obvious by now given the developer list of releases so far in MSFS, but it’s undeniably great to hear an official confirmation, as Carenado’s portfolio includes a very wide range of aircraft, each with its own unique characteristics and flight dynamics. In response to a follower’s query about the B1900D, Carenado responded, “… of course, all our fleet!….it’s just a matter of time…”