Lionheart Creations previews its revamped Epic LT for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Bill Ortis from Lionheart Creations has recently unveiled his new project, a follow-up to the Bellanca Super Viking the developer released in May. This time, Lionheart Creations will bring us something sleeker and quite a bit faster. In fact, it’s the world’s fastest single-engine civilian airplane: the Epic LT.

Bill is a seasoned veteran in the development of flight simulation add-ons and we’ve seen him continue this prolific run with several projects for MSFS. From the Viking to the Pasped Skylark, the Lear Fan 2100, or the Bü-131 ‘Jungmann’, just to name a few, the developer has offered MSFS simmers with a range of wildly different aircraft. The most recent development updates reveal the work that is being done on Lionheart’s latest endeavour, the Epic, which is actually an airplane the developer had already released for FSX.

According to Lionheart, the Epic is now receiving a complete overhaul for MSFS with the promise of a new ultra-high-resolution model. These enhancements extend to individual components of the aircraft such as the landing gear, cockpit panel, seats, and improvements in elements of the wings, flaps, scoops, and cowling features.

Lionheart Creations Epic MSFS 7

Lionheart Creations Epic MSFS 4

Lionheart Creations Epic MSFS 5

The developer’s updates indicate that he has been working closely with the Epic team to keep the simulated aircraft as accurate to its real-life counterpart as possible. “My thanks to Rick and the team at Epic who gave me permission to do this plane years ago. This sleek beauty continues to evolve and evolve and improve and improve. An amazing aircraft design” the developer shared through Lionheart’s Facebook profile.

There is a degree of uncertainty concerning the specific variant of the aircraft that Lionheart Creations is developing. While the Epic LT is indeed the aircraft previously released for MSFS, given the improvements mentioned by the developer we may be looking at the upgraded Epic E1000 model, which is essentially the certified LT fully assembled from the factory.

Lionheart’s Epic is still in very active development so we’re looking at several further months of development. As always, we will keep you updated on any further news regarding the project’s progress and when you can expect to take to the virtual skies in this ultra-modern, high-speed aircraft. Stay tuned!