FlyByWire fixes the A32NX glareshield with the latest update

FlyByWire Simulations continues to refine its excellent A320neo simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator. With regular updates that often arrive daily on the Development branch of the product, the FBW team consistently introduces new features and fixes, making it arguably the best freeware airliner experience in MSFS.

The latest update is particularly notable for its visible changes and stands as one of their most substantial improvements in recent times. It addresses a long-standing issue with the glareshield, which until now exhibited an unrealistic curvature at both ends. That’s no longer the case, as FlyByWire has rectified this modeling error with a completely redesigned and straightened glareshield! It now looks more natural with its accurate proportions, marking a welcome change in the cockpit, especially for those accustomed to the real-world panel.

FlyByWire A32NX glareshield update 1
Notice the difference?

In addition to the noticeable change in the glareshield, the latest development version of the A32NX also includes improved textures and new decals on the overhead panel, resulting in better reflections and a more polished overall environment.

The built-in EFB in the A32NX, the flyPad, is also receiving enhancements. It’s been resized for better visibility, and there’s an adjusted default camera view to better align with the updated FlyPad orientation.

In summary, it’s another impressive update to the A32NX’s Development version, available now as usual through the FBW Installer.