Lionheart Creations releases the Bellanca Super Viking for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Bellanca Super Viking from Lionheart Creations is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The release comes after months of anticipation and comes from the same developer that brought us the Pasped Skylark, the LearAvia Lear Fan 2100, and the Bucker Bü-131 ‘Jungmann’, among others. This beloved high-performance American aircraft from the 1970s is now available in the MSFS Marketplace for PC, with an Xbox release slated for a later date.

The Bellanca Super Viking is considered to be one of the best four-seater aircraft of its time. The 300 HP Turbocharged Edition 17-300A Super Viking was capable of reaching a top speed of 226 MPH and offered a range of 700 NM at 75% power while cruising at 186 MPH. This turbocharged variant could also reach a ceiling of 25,000 feet.

This simulation features a detailed representation of the Super Viking, complete with its distinctive smooth wooden skinned wings and a robust steel frame fuselage. Lionheart Creations says that this package is designed to offer a high-realism experience with a focus on maintaining the aircraft’s unique characteristics and features.

lionhear bellanca super viking msfs 2

lionhear bellanca super viking msfs 3

The Super Viking comes with a few interesting features such as a Century III Autopilot, several versions of interiors and panel colors, belly landing capabilities for practicing emergency landing procedures, icing capabilities, popup placards, and a popup instructional autopilot placard.

In terms of the visuals, this aircraft includes 4K textures in some areas, while others appear to be somewhat lower resolution. Sounds and avionics come straight from Asobo’s existing offerings. Other features include an opening door, an opening cargo door, and an opening vent window, hideable yokes, and two versions of instrument lighting.

For those eager to take their Super Viking to the skies, a manual in PDF format located in the aircraft’s folder system is included in the package. New owners of the Super Viking are encouraged to read through the manual to familiarize themselves with all the hidden features this aircraft has to offer.

lionhear bellanca super viking msfs 4

If you love classic American planes, enjoy speed, and appreciate agile roll performance, then the Bellanca Super Viking is for you. A classic American single-engine muscle plane, the Super Viking is a low-wing, light aircraft by the American aviation producer Bellanca. Based on the company’s earlier Viking model and introduced in 1969, the Super Viking won over pilots and enthusiasts with its agility, sporty performance, and forgiving handling.

The Bellanca Super Viking is out now in the MSFS Marketplace, priced at $24.49. It’s currently available only for PC, but the developer says Xbox compatibility is planned for the near future.