Pilot Experience Sim announces development of the King Air C90 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Pilot Experience Sim (PESim), whose Maule M7 we found to be pretty interesting, has just announced their latest project for MSFS – the legendary Beechcraft King Air C90.

The King Air C90, a part of the Beechcraft King Air family, is known for its versatility and reliability. It’s a twin-turboprop aircraft that has been a staple in aviation since its inception, used for a variety of roles from business travel to air ambulance services.

PESim is not new to delivering quality aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Their Maule M7-260C came with a detailed model and realistic flight dynamics, so expectations are high for the upcoming King Air C90.

In an effort to ensure the highest level of authenticity, PESim is currently seeking real-life King Air pilots to assist in the testing phase of the project. Their aim is to capture real-life systems and reactions, further enhancing the realism of the flight simulation experience.

PESIM King Air C90 msfs previews 4

PESIM King Air C90 msfs previews 3

PESIM King Air C90 msfs previews 1

PESIM King Air C90 msfs previews 2

In their announcement, the PESim team also shared a sneak peek into the development process with a few preview images of the King Air C90. These images showcase the textureless exterior and interior model of the aircraft, providing a glimpse into the attention to detail that the team is investing in this project.

Even without the final textures, the model’s intricate design and high level of detail are evident, promising a visually-realistic aircraft once completed.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project from Pilot Experience Sim. No details have been given about a release date or development timeframe, so we’ll continue to track this project and bring you all the latest updates. The King Air is a beloved aircraft whose many versions certainly have a place in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s aircraft roster!