The Maule M7 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC and Xbox

Pilot Experience Sim has launched today its Maule M7, a new bush plane for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We’ve followed this project very closely since its unveiling earlier this year and are now happy to report that, despite some launch hiccups, the Maule M7 is now available for purchase for both PC and Xbox users!

The Maule M7 was initially scheduled to launch in the Marketplace for both PC and Xbox, but some unforeseen issues prevented PC simmers from accessing the aircraft in the in-sim store (update: now fixed!). Thankfully, Pilot Experience Sim quickly addressed the problem and partnered with iniBuilds to ensure that PC users could also enjoy the Maule M7 first-hand. iniBuilds currently holds exclusive third-party rights to sell the product for a week. After this period, the Maule should become available in other stores such as SimMarket.

The Maule M-7-235, also known as the “Super Rocket,” is a single-engine, high-wing, light utility monoplane manufactured by American aircraft producer Maule Air. Renowned for its versatility, power, and ability to operate out of rugged, unimproved airfields, the M-7-235 is a short take-off and landing aircraft with a seating capacity of up to five, including the pilot.

Maule M7 MSFS released 1.png

Maule M7 MSFS released 2.png

Maule M7 MSFS released 3.png

The developers at Pilot Experience Sim have paid great attention to detail in replicating the Maule M7-235’s drawings and animations, capturing the aircraft’s various liveries and interior colors. The developer promise that the high-quality texturing (2K/4K) has been executed using the latest techniques and software. Moreover, the flight model and systems have been carefully designed to mimic the Maule M7-235 as closely as possible.

Simmers can experience the Maule M7 in its basic version, as well as the bush (tundra) and float versions. The aircraft also features cleverly adapted sounds for an immersive experience and VR support. Users can opt for the Garmin GTNX750/650 units from TDS or PMS-50, instead of the default Garmin 530/430. A customizable dashboard is also available for adjusting features such as co-pilot visibility, loads, Garmin, and wheel chocks.

The Maule M7 also features a hand-made custom HD detailed design, HD PBR texturing, an accurate Maule M7-235 flight model, custom lights, adapted realistic sounds, and animated moving parts. The aircraft also boasts custom fuel and electrical systems, interactive checklists, KMA28 radio, an interactive clipboard, payload stations, and more!

With the Maule M7, simmers can expect an engaging bush flying experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator experience. The aircraft’s unique features, such as its STOL capabilities and rugged construction, should provide endless hours of exploration and adventure in diverse terrains, from remote airfields to serene waterways with the float version.

The Maule M7 is now available for PC and Xbox users through the Marketplace, priced at €25.99. Those on PC can also get the aircraft through iniBuilds.