Lionheart Creations releases the Bucker Bü-131 ‘Jungmann’ for MSFS

Virtual pilots who love old and slow airplanes have a new choice to take to the skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Bucker Bü-131 ‘Jungmann’, a German biplane from the 1930s, is now available for MSFS. It’s a brand new project from Lionheart Creations, a developer who has already released the Quickie Q200 and the Trinidad TB-21 GT.

The Bucker Bu-131 was a German biplane trainer that was used by the Luftwaffe during WWII. It was actually the last biplane to be built in Germany, and about 200 still survive to this day with private owners.

Initially announced in December, the Bucker Bü-131 is now coming to MSFS in the form of the licensed Swiss model Do-Bu-131B, of which 99 units were produced. In MSFS, it has been modernized by Lionheart Creations in order to look and feel more like the privately-owned versions from today, with the inclusion of radio and navigation lights.

Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann MSFS 4

Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann MSFS 3

Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann MSFS 2

Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann MSFS 1

The Bü-131B is powered by a Hirth engine, but unfortunately that’s not going to sound quite like the real thing in this simulation. Lionheart Creations uses the sounds from the default Cessna 172, which may be good and adequate for most of the smaller noises, but probably not as faithfull when it comes to the soundtrack produced by the engine.

Lionheart Creations is releasing the ‘Jungmann‘ with 14 different liveries in 4k resolution, and the developers promises that this is a highly detailed model of this vintage aircraft. There’s a good variety of upholstery leather in the interior, in what appears to be a nicely detailed cockpit with classic 3D instruments.

For now, the Bucker Bü-131 ‘Jungmann’ is available for purchase through the MSFS Marketplace, priced at €24.99, but soon it will also be available on other traditional vendors. Check the official website for more details and plenty of images of the aircraft, where you’ll also find a very good manual.