Lionheart Creations releases Quickie Q200 for Flight Simulator

Lionheart Creations has released its second aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the launch of the Trinidad TB-21 GT earlier this year, the developer is back with a new addition to your MSFS hangar, and with a rather peculiar aircraft: the Quickie Q200, a kit aircraft with a tandem-wing design that is based in the Rutan Quickie.

The Q200 is powered by a 100HP Continental O-200 engine, enough to give it some pretty decent performance. With elevators on the front wing and ailerons in the back, it’s a notoriously unstable machine at times, with some difficulties flying at a straight level. It’s not recommended to use full throttle on take-offs, in order to avoid spinning it out of control.

The Q200 is available in a conventional taildragger configuration, but a tricycle gear setup is also possible with the real airplane. Unfortunately, Lionheart Creations is only giving us the taildragger version, but there’s a good variety of external and internal styles. The 13 included liveries range from the base kit-style to supercar-inspired colors. The same goes for the interior styling, available in different colors and materials such as carbon fiber and wood.

Lionheart Quickie Q200 MSFS 11

Lionheart Quickie Q200 MSFS 10

Lionheart Quickie Q200 MSFS 9

Lionheart Quickie Q200 MSFS 8

Lionheart Quickie Q200 MSFS 7

Lionheart Quickie Q200 MSFS 6

Lionheart Quickie Q200 MSFS 5

Lionheart Quickie Q200 MSFS 4

Lionheart Quickie Q200 MSFS 3

Lionheart Quickie Q200 MSFS 2

The Q200 from Lionheart Creations appears to be a decently good-looking machine, with a detailed 3D cockpit, scratched canopy plexiglass, support for weather effects, and more. It makes use of the default GNS530 avionics plus a basic autopilot.

An interesting characteristic of the Q200 is the need to constantly transfer fuel from the rear tank under the pilot seat to the front header tank. With a total capacity of just 20 gallons, 15 in the rear and only 5 at the front, you need to constantly monitor the fuel capacity on the header tank and fill it up regularly via the electric pump.

Lionheart Creations also includes a user manual explaining what every switch does, some hidden features and tips on how to fly the Q200. One important note about the installation is that you will have to manually point to your Community folder for the aircraft to install successfully. For some reason the provided installer is unable to accurately locate that folder for you, so better make sure to point it in the right direction.

The Lionheart Creations Quickie Q200 is now available for around $30 / 25€.