Lionheart Creations releases Trinidad TB-21 GT for MSFS

Aircraft-release-day is the best kind of day in Flight Simulator. And these days are getting more common, now that developers are getting used to the development tools in the new sim after months of learning. And the latest new aircraft release for MSFS comes from Lionheart Creations, who have released their recreation of the Socata Trinidad TB-21 GT.

It was less than a month ago that we first shared with you the development of this aircraft and its struggles, but it didn’t take long for Lionheart Creations to feel like they had a product that was ready for primetime. And so, here’s the Trinidad: a 4-seater “sports” airplane, with a cockpit that seems to come straight from a fast car of that era. The turbocharged GT variant of the Trinidad is quite fast, hitting cruise speeds of 180 knots.

Lionheart Creations have included a good choice of liveries (22, to be exact), and three different interior themes: Grey, Tan and Neon Euro Blue. There’s been some issues since release, but the developer is very active and updates are coming at an almost daily pace. It is, indeed, an airplane that doesn’t bring much new to the table, but may be interesting to try specially for those familiar with it.

The Trinidad TB-21 GT is available now!

The Trinidad is just one of the latest in a series of new aircraft releases for MSFS. Last week also saw the release of the antecipated F-15 Eagle, from DC Designs, which has been received with mild reviews, and the surprising FIAT Aeritalia G-91. Go check them out!