Vitoria-Foronda Airport released by Stairport Sceneries/Aerosoft

Stairport Sceneries and Aerosoft have released the Spanish airport of Vitoria – LEVT.

Strategically located in northern Spain, Vitoria-Foronda Airport is perfectly located along one of the main routes connecting France, Spain and Portugal, and because of that it’s a major hub in the transport of cargo in southwestern Europe.

Vitoria sees a fair share of passenger traffic, but cargo is definitely the main attraction here. DHL has a massive warehouse there, and considers Vitoria Airport as a major strategic hub. DHL is actually responsible for more than half of the total cargo that goes through here.

Vitoria-Foronda (LEVT) is now available through Aerosoft for 18,55€.

Main Features:

  • Color corrected HD ortho imagery for the airport
  • Realistic replication of Vitoria-Foronda airport
  • High-resolution buildings and clutter objects
  • Custom PBR ground materials
  • Custom randomized static aircrafts matching the real traffic
  • Manually adapted mesh to match the real height differences
  • Correct night lighting on buildings, runway and taxiways

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