The Airbus FCU LCD Unit from Kav Simulations is now available for purchase

In the world of flight simulation, the quest for realism is a never-ending journey for many enthusiasts, who continuously seek to enhance their home cockpit setups, striving to replicate the intricate details of real-world aircraft. Kav Simulations hopes to play a role in that market by providing a crucial piece of hardware, in the shape of an Airbus-inspired FCU Display Unit, which is now available for purchase through the creator’s website. The FCU is the pilot’s primary interface for adjusting the aircraft’s altitude, speed, heading, and vertical speed.

Despite an initial crowd-funding campaign that did not meet its funding goal, Kav Simulations has now successfully launched the product outside of Kickstarter, with hundreds of orders apparently already placed. Shipping has already begun for in-stock units!

Priced at €58,95 (plus shipping), the A3xx FCU LCD Unit is designed to provide a true-to-life flying experience. The product is fully compatible with MobiFlight, a popular software for DIY cockpit builders, but can also function as a standalone component for existing setups. This versatility makes it a ‘one size fits all’ solution for the flight simulation community.

Airbus FCU home cockpit MSFS 2

Kav Simulations’ attention to detail is evident in the product’s design. The company has partnered with real Airbus pilots to ensure the authenticity of their product, paying particular attention to details such as color and font. The result is a piece of hardware that closely replicates its real-world counterpart.

In addition to the Airbus A320 FCU PCB LCD Display, Kav Simulations also plans to launch an EFIS display by the end of the summer.

For more information, visit and check out the Usage Guide and Setup Demo videos on Youtube to get familiar with the product.