29Palms Scenery Design announces Santorini Island for MSFS

29Palms Scenery Design has announced its latest project for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is set to take players to the stunning island of Santorini, in Greece. The developers have been working hard behind the scenes to create a fully detailed representation of the famous island, including its airport and surrounding areas.

According to 29Palms, the decision to create this project was based on the unique beauty of Santorini and its popularity as a real-life tourist destination. The scenery will include not only the airport, but also the entire island of Santorini, the small volcano island, and Thirasia Island.

This project promises to deliver a highly detailed representation of the whole island and its airport, including both old and new buildings such as the main terminal and fire station, and the new apron layout. In addition, all default buildings on the islands will be replaced with custom “Cycladic” ones, giving MSFS simmers a more realistic experience.

29Palms Santorini MSFS 10

29Palms Santorini MSFS 9

29Palms Santorini MSFS 8

29Palms Santorini MSFS 7

29Palms Santorini MSFS 5

29Palms Santorini MSFS 4

29Palms Santorini MSFS 3

29Palms Santorini MSFS 2

29Palms Santorini MSFS 1

One of the key features of this scenery will be the 3m per pixel mesh resolution, which will allow high levels of detail in the terrain elevation. The vegetation on the island is also being carefully trimmed to accurately reflect the real-life density of the area.

To showcase the project’s progress, 29Palms Scenery Design shared several images of the product comparing it to the default scenery. The images demonstrate the high level of detail and care that has gone into the creation of this project.

29Palms’ Santorini Island is still in development, but simmer can expect a fully detailed representation of this unique corner of the world in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to experience Santorini’s beauty in a whole new way in MSFS!