Orbx releases ESMS Malmö Airport (Sweden) for MSFS

Orbx has released Marcus Nyberg’s ESMS Malmö Airport for MSFS, a major rework of his original rendition of the same airport for P3D. Besides the expected improvements in textures and PBR materials, there’s also new content and features exclusively for MSFS

An interesting feature of this airport is its second runway and the adjacent aero clubs, which almost works as a separate GA airfield. So, this is a good place if you’re either an airline pilot looking to fly some short European hops or if you just want to do some sightseeing in your rusty XCub!

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This airport includes many of the great new features allowed by MSFS, like sloped runways, dynamic lighting, custom projected mesh, and more, all while achieving a great balance between high-quality graphics and excellent performance!

ESMS Malmö Airport is now available through Orbx Direct.

Main features:

  • Exquisitely detailed 4k depiction of ESMS Malmö Airport
  • Ultra-detailed 4K textures with completely overhauled PBR texturing
  • Highly detailed ground poly with custom lines and markings
  • Incredibly detailed 3D modelling, including terminal interiors
  • Beautiful hand-coloured custom aerial imagery
  • New custom static aircraft & GSE unique to Sturup Airport
  • Sloped runway
  • Stunning dynamic night lighting
  • Weather-influenced ground textures
  • Completely AI-compatible
  • Painstakingly optimized for very high performance
  • From acclaimed developer Marcus Nyberg