AzurPoly shows off jettisonable fuel tanks and functional weapons on upcoming OV-10 Bronco for MSFS

As you’re likely aware, AzurPoly has been working diligently on their latest project for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the OV-10 Bronco. This highly anticipated aircraft is set to be an excellent addition to the developer’s impressive lineup, following the C-160 Transall, which is arguably the best military transport airplane currently available in the sim.

The Bronco has been undergoing beta testing for some time, and everything seems to be aligning properly for a release in the not-too-distant future. To underscore this progress, AzurPoly recently provided a small but very cool update. The update shared some insights about the current status of the project and previewed a few unique and fascinating features of the aircraft.

According to AzurPoly, the beta testing phase is nearing completion, with all significant bugs now addressed, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the beta testers. These testers have played a crucial role in refining the aircraft to ensure every part meets AzurPoly’s high standards. While some work remains, the team is optimistic about nearing the finish line for a product they deem ready for release.

However, AzurPoly has not set a specific release date, as they are still ensuring the product is bug-free. The release timing will be strategic, taking into account the upcoming release of Sim Update 15 and the MSFS Spring Sale, suggesting a probable launch sometime in April.

AzurPoly also revealed more details about the diverse range of liveries that will accompany the OV-10 Bronco, which will cater to a wide array of historical and modern preferences. These include:

  • Montélimar Museum (US Marines livery reproduction)
  • Luftwaffe (OV-10B)
  • Cal Fire
  • US Marines VMO-6
  • US Navy VAL-4 (3 liveries)
  • US Navy VS-41
  • Colombian Air Force
  • Royal Thai Air Force

In addition to the liveries, the OV-10 Bronco will include several notable features, such as a jettisonable fuel tank, an optional GPS unit for modern navigation, and operational optical sights and guns. These align with AzurPoly’s typical desire to include appropriate real-world usages of the aircraft and certainly add a lot to the immersion when flying a virtual airplane. Their C-160 Transall, for example, included the capability to drop vehicles and troops.

Concerning the weapons loadout and firing, as we know, due to Marketplace restrictions, these will not be available for those who purchase the package in the in-sim store. However, AzurPoly promises that a free patch will be available through their website, which will enable users to activate those capabilities in the product.

This virtual rendition of the OV-10 Bronco by AzurPoly is shaping up to be another impressive aircraft representation from the developer, with meticulous attention to detail and a rich set of features and liveries that will surely offer simmers plenty to be happy about and entertained with. A release shouldn’t be too far out, so stay on the lookout for further news!