Free iniBuilds A320neo reintroduced in latest Sim Update 15 Beta for MSFS

Update, March 23 – After being withdrawn due to stability concerns, the iniBuilds A320 has been reintroduced for testers in the latest Sim Update 15 Beta. If you’re eager to experience the new freeware A320neo in MSFS, this could be your chance. However, with the stable release of SU15 anticipated next week, waiting for the official release might be advisable for a smoother experience.

The article below was published on November 28, 2023.

Remember about that new Airbus A320 that would be coming for Microsoft Flight Simulator with Sim Update 14? It was announced during the last Developer livestream, where it was revealed that it was being developed by iniBuilds as a sort of upgraded alternative to the original Asobo A320. And guess what? The latest build of Sim Update 14, which began a few weeks ago, has now introduced the first version of this aircraft for simmers to test out!

iniBuilds is not new to these partnerships with Microsoft and even with an Airbus aircraft. They are obviously known as one of the most prolific development teams in recent times, and also for their excellent Airbus A310 which was released for free as part of the 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new A320neo is anticipated to offer a similarly detailed experience and coexists with the Asobo A320neo, ensuring, for example, that existing MSFS activities and challenges are not disrupted.

iniBuilds A320neo MSFS 2

iniBuilds A320neo MSFS 1

Early impressions from the beta release have been quite positive, with beta users praising the stunning visuals, improved functionality, handling, and detailed soundset. Interestingly, the iniBuilds A320neo is distributed for free, a decision that is definitely welcomed by the community.

If you’re running the latest Sim Update 14 you’ll find a new A320 alongside the old Asobo one, named Airbus A320neo v2.

As expected, the beta release is not without its teething issues, but hey, it’s a beta. Thankfully, the full release of Sim Update 14 is expected to roll out for everyone on December 5, which isn’t too far off!