Boris Audio Works releases custom sound pack for the Aerosoft CRJ

Boris Vanian is back with a new custom sound pack for an aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The audio engineer, who collaborates regularly with other teams such as FlightFX and FlyByWire, also runs his own endeavor under the Boris Audio Works brand, and has already released a few excellent and popular sound packs, such as for the Cessna 172 and the SR-22.

This time, Boris has revisited one of the first high-profile aircraft releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Aerosoft CRJ Series. Although somewhat past its prime time and, in the eyes of many, in need of a few important updates to bring it in line with today’s standards, the Aerosoft CRJ is nonetheless still a popular aircraft. After all, there are not many regional jetliners out there for those short hops here and there.

So, it’s not totally out of sense to see Boris Audio Works trying to make the Aerosoft CRJ a bit better in today’s landscape. High-quality sounds are always a must-have and an important factor in increasing immersion levels in the sim. So, if you’re flying the CRJ here and there and enjoy the experience, this will surely be a great update to the aircraft.

As usual, Boris brings us high-fidelity recordings gathered from a real aircraft, encompassing sounds from the cockpit, cabin, and exterior environments. Using high-quality recording equipment, the developer typically achieves a remarkable level of authenticity and immersion, and this new release should be no exception.

The sound pack was tested by actual CRJ pilots, which should ensure that the final product meets expectations in terms of accuracy and realism.

Key features of this sound set include:

  • Authentic button, switch, and lever sounds.
  • Interior and exterior CF-34 turbine sounds.
  • Ground rolls and touchdown sounds, all dependent on different variables.
  • High-quality ambiance from avionics fans, packs, hydraulics, and many more.

The Boris Audio Works Aerosoft CRJ Soundpack is compatible with all 4 variants released by Aerosoft – the 550, 700, 900, and 1000. It’s available now from Orbx, priced at just around $10.00 USD.

If you’re interested in learning more about Boris’s work, check out my interview with him a few months ago.