Enhance the audio of your C172 with this new sound pack from Boris Audio Works

Boris Vanian, the man behind great flight simulation aircraft sounds like those found on the FBW A32NX and the FlightFX Vision Jet, is out with a new sound pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following his SR22 Sound Set, launched last month, the audio creator has now released a highly realistic new sound package for the Cessna 172 Skyhawk!

Besides his work for other development studios, Boris also runs his own project, appropriately named Boris Audio Works. No longer a solo endeavor (Cheri Chen, an amateur audio recorder and photographer recently joined the project), Boris Audio Works aims to upgrade the audio in the default MSFS airplanes by replacing the stock sounds with high-quality custom recordings.

The C172 is the latest aircraft to get this treatment from the team. Since it’s available in the Standard Edition of MSFS, it enjoys a much broader audience than the SR22, which only comes with the Premium Deluxe Edition. Boris’ excellent work, judging from his previous efforts, can now be appreciated in one of the most popular GA airplanes of all time.

Interestingly, just like with the SR22, the C172 sounds were recorded by Boris himself while flying the aircraft. This was made in a modern 172 equipped with the G1000 avionics and also in a classic 1972 model with steam gauges. The result is a sound pack that works with both airplanes in MSFS (although the classic version is only available in the Premium Edition) and reflects the differences between the two. External sounds were recorded by Cheri Chen – note the excellent flyby sound in the video above, starting at the 2:33 mark!

This sound package also compatible with WB Sim’s excellent 172sp Classic Enhancement.

The Boris Audio Works’ Cessna 172 Sound Set is now available for just around $11.00. Read our review here!


  • Dynamic engine sounds
  • Wind and aerodynamic drag
  • Buttons, switches, knobs, and levers
  • Fuel pump
  • Batteries, gyros, and avionics fans*
  • Dynamic touchdowns and ground rolls*
  • Stall horn with several stages changing intensity depending AOA
  • And more!

*This is different in the steam gauge vs G1000 versions. The batteries and gyros make sounds in the steam gauge, while the G1000 is silent, just like the real aircraft. The ground roll of the steam gauge Skyhawk has a different wheel bearing, making the wheel spinning noise sound slightly different.

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