WinWing announces full-size A320 FCU Panel for flight simulation

Home cockpit builders will soon have a new piece of kit to add to their setup. WinWing is set to expand their already impressive hardware lineup for flight simulation with a new, surprisingly affordable replica of the A320 FCU Panel.

The WinWing A320 FCU Panel is a 1:1 fully structured mold, featuring orange displays with no discernible difference from the real thing, and full-sized knobs with consistent push-pull feedback mirroring the actual aircraft. Additionally, the FCU comes equipped with installation brackets, offering flexibility for various installation methods suitable for both desktops and cockpit setups.

WinWing promises compatibility with all A320 add-ons in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Perhaps the most standout feature of the WinWing A320 FCU Panel is its competitive pricing. With an Early Bird Price of 99.95 USD and an official price of 129.95 USD, it presents significant savings over competing products, such as miniFCU.

The WinWing A320 FCU Panel is scheduled to go on pre-order on March 27.