Turtle Beach releases VelocityOne Stand, a universal support for all your flightsim hardware

Turtle Beach has released a new piece of gear for flight simmers looking to enhance their home cockpit setup. The VelocityOne Stand, unveiled in September and in pre-order since then, is now shipping and available for ordering directly through Turtle Beach.

Essentially, VelocityOne Stand is a pre-built structure that allows owners of various flight simulator controllers to mount them all in one place. Obviously, Turtle Beaches’s own devices are fully supported, but other third-party accessories are also compatible! These include yokes, throttle quadrants, and rudder pedals from competing brands.

VelocityOne Stand has an adjustable design with quick-release clamps for easy and smooth height, angle, and length adjustments, plus tilt adjustments for the upper and lower mounting platforms. It’s also built in solid steel, which should help keep all the equipment securely mounted.

Furthermore, adjustable rubber feet should keep the Stand firmly on the ground and prevent it from wobbling, while a fold-flat design facilitates storing the stand away when not in use.

VelocityOne Stand is now available for €169.00.

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