Pimax releases simulation-focused version of its high-end Crystal VR headset

Remember when we talked about the Pimax Crystal setting its sights on becoming the go-to high-end VR headset for Microsoft Flight Simulator? Well, it seems Pimax was listening, not just to us but to their entire user base. They’ve gone back to the drawing board and emerged with something that’s genuinely even more interesting for MSFS users: the Pimax Crystal Simulation Edition.

A focus on simulation

After conducting a deep dive into their customer demographics and usage patterns, Pimax realized that a significant chunk of their users are deeply invested in simulation experiences. We’re talking flight sims, racing sims, and everything in between. So, they’ve decided to double down on this segment with a specialized edition of their already impressive Pimax Crystal headset.

Tailored features and cost savings

So, what sets the Simulation Edition apart? For starters, it ditches the motion controllers that come with the standard kit. This makes perfect sense because, let’s be honest, if you’re deep into Microsoft Flight Simulator or any other sim, since you’re likely using a Joystick/HOTAS setup or a wheel. The absence of motion controllers allows Pimax to offer this edition at a more accessible starting price of $1,449, down from the original Crystal’s $1,599. Plus, there’s a special promo that brings the cost of the lighthouse faceplate down to just $99.

Enhanced visuals and performance

The Simulation Edition isn’t just about cost-saving; it’s about optimizing the experience for sim users. It retains the jaw-dropping resolution of 5760 x 2880 pixels and 35 PPD, which means every tiny detail in your virtual cockpit is rendered with incredible clarity. I was lucky to testify that myself during a brief demo with the Pimax Crystal during FSExpo. Add to that a sim-optimized 72Hz refresh rate mode and eye-tracking for Dynamic Foveated Rendering, and you’ve got a headset that promises a smooth, immersive experience tailored for simulation.

Additional perks

To make the deal even sweeter, Pimax is throwing in a $50 discount on worldwide shipping and offering two new faceplate colors. And if you’re an existing Pimax user eyeing an upgrade, the Simulation Edition is part of their 12K trade-in program.

By combining the high-end features of the original Crystal with thoughtful adjustments that cater specifically to the sim community, the Pimax Crystal Simulation Edition looks like one of the best solutions out there for the most immersive VR experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s still expensive, but it’s clear that Pimax is listening!

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