NVIDIA promises double FPS in Microsoft Flight Simulator with upcoming RTX 40-series GPU’s

After many months of rumours, NVIDIA has finally unveiled this week its next-generation GPU series. The RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 graphics cards are officially announced and expected to arrive in markets in October and November respectively.

MSFS simmers are always on the lookout for potential performance improvements, so we’re happy to report that NVIDIA’s newest cards seem to deliver on that front. During the company’s official presentation, NVIDIA previewed the massive FPS gains in MSFS with the use of DLSS 3 in the upcoming graphics cards. We’re looking at a 100% performance boost with DLSS 3 on vs off, which translated into roughly double the number of frames per second!

Sadly, DLSS 3 is an exclusive feature of the new RTX 40xx cards. Owners of the current generation RTX 30-series will be left with DLSS 2, which, coincidentally, is being officially introduced today in MSFS with Sim Update 10. That said, we’re still waiting to see how DLSS 3 in MSFS compares to DLSS 2… that would be a welcome comparison!

Now, this promised performance boost will come with eye-watering prices… which are frankly quite disheartening. The RTX 4090 will launch at $1,599 in the US, £1,679 in the UK, and… €1,949 in most of Europe. The RTX 4080, albeit more moderately priced, will still start at $899 in the US (for the 12GB model. There will be a 16GB version too). This translates to €1,099 in Europe and £949 in the UK. Ouch…