SimpleFCU is now available ready to assemble, no 3D printing required

SimpleFCU has introduced the Assembly Edition of its autopilot control module. Launched last year as a build-at-home module inspired by the real-world Airbus autopilot module, SimpleFCU allowed users to assemble their own autopilot control modules using purchased electronic components and 3D-printed parts​. Now, with the introduction of the Assembly Edition, a 3D printer is no longer a prerequisite to build the SimpleFCU module​.

The Assembly Edition is a welcome addition to the product line for simmers who might have found the initial 3D printing requirements daunting. Understanding the potential challenges of investing time and money into 3D printing for those who are not already involved in the hobby, SimpleFCU has decided to include professionally printed plastic parts in the Assembly Edition kit. This means users can now bypass the 3D printing process entirely, saving themselves up to 3 days of printing time and avoiding the need to source a 3D printer or commercial print services.

The SimpleFCU Assembly Edition is now available for purchase, including the 32-piece printed plastic kit, with pricing set at €268 + shipping.

simplefcu 1 edited

The Assembly Edition is based on the recently-launched Mini version of SimpleFCU and comes in two color options for the external parts: black and gray. To minimize any unwanted light bleed, all internal parts are printed in black. The printed parts are made from a mix of PLA+ and PETG materials, providing stability and high-quality results while offering an environmentally friendly alternative to ABS, an industry-grade plastic commonly used in many applications.

With the launch of the Assembly Edition, SimpleFCU continues to expand on this endeavour to bring a new FCU option for home pilots looking to expand their own cockpit. Competition is heating up in this field, with several other interesting projects offering a similarly capable product such as the recently announced MiniFCU.