Asobo and Microsoft release the Top Rudder Solo 103, their first ultralight for MSFS

As recently announced by the Flight Simulator team, we now have a new aircraft available for MSFS, created by the sim’s “founding fathers”. It’s the Top Rudder Just 103 Solo, the first ultralight by the Flight Simulator team, and is now available in the Marketplace for $9.99.

The Solo 103 is a unique airplane, an ultralight that features a number of highly sought-after capabilities. It has exceptional STOL performance and an open cockpit that is just perfect to appreciate the stunning scenery of Flight Simulator.

The Solo 103 has been specifically created to meet the FAA’s Part 103 classification. A reliable, cheap, responsive little machine that brings many smiles to each and every owner. Let’s try it now in MSFS!

The Top Rudder Just 103 Solo is the first aircraft to be release by the Flight Simulator team after the initial default airplanes. It won’t be the last though, as the team has already announced that they are working on the ATR 42/72.