First major update for the AzurPoly C-160 Transall adds droppable vehicles and troops

AzurPoly’s C-160 Transall, the acclaimed military transport aircraft released last May, is about to get its first major update, version 1.2. This update marks a significant enhancement in the aircraft’s capabilities, bringing it closer to the fully realized add-on the developers have been ardently pursuing.

Initially released for MSFS on both PC and Xbox, the C-160 Transall by AzurPoly filled a notable gap in the military transport aircraft category within the simulator. Priced at $32.99, it focused on the C-160 R version, operated by the French Air Force, featuring upgraded avionics and other modern capabilities. Despite its initial success, the team at AzurPoly was committed to overcoming the limitations of the first release and enhancing the aircraft’s realism and functionality.

Azurpoly c 160 Transall update 1 2 MSFS 5

Azurpoly c 160 Transall update 1 2 MSFS 6

Azurpoly c 160 Transall update 1 2 MSFS 4

With that goal in mind, AzurPoly set out to work on a major update, v1.2, which introduces a plethora of new features and fixes, significantly elevating the simulation experience of this capable aircraft. Here’s what’s new!

  1. Dynamic Payload and Object Dropping: Arguably the most standout feature in this update is the dynamic payload capability. The aircraft can now drop two VBL vehicles, complete with animations of them leaving the cargo bay and stabilizing under parachutes. Additionally, animated troops can now occupy seats and perform free-fall jumps, which looks decidedly cool in screenshots!
  2. Enhanced Flight Plan Management: The addition of an optional GNS unit and extended FMS capabilities, including new pages based on real aircraft documentation, allows for full IFR flights using Transall systems alone. This feature addresses a major gap in the initial release, offering INIT and FLP pages, ARC and MAP modes on the EFIS, and a functional autopilot RADIO mode.
Azurpoly c 160 Transall update 1 2 MSFS 1

Azurpoly c 160 Transall update 1 2 MSFS 3

Azurpoly c 160 Transall update 1 2 MSFS 2

Azurpoly c 160 Transall update 1 2 MSFS 8

  1. Head-Up Display (HUD): Reflecting the retrofitted C-160NG version, the update introduces a new HUD, which can be displayed from both pilot and copilot seats. This feature ensures critical flight parameters remain in the pilot’s field of view.
  2. Bug Fixes and System Enhancements: The update addresses several bugs, notably in the complex fuel system, APU supply issues, and engine sounds. These fixes bring the aircraft’s systems closer to their real-life counterparts.

The 1.2 update is currently under processing and will soon be available on MSFS for both PC and Xbox. AzurPoly says that this update not only enhances the current experience but also lays the groundwork for future improvements. The developers acknowledge the potential for further enhancements and assure the community of their commitment to continuous development.