Captain Sim releases another underwhelming 777 for $20

Captain Sim caused an uproar recently with the release of the 777-200 Base Pack for Flight Simulator, a disappointing launch that was basically a good-looking Triple Seven with 747 systems and flight dynamics. Somehow, the studio did even worse when it tried to forbid independent creators from making liveries for the 777 and releasing them outside of Captain Sim’s own ACE utility.

The backlash was so strong that Captain Sim had to issue an apology and backtrack on its decision, but the damage was done. It will take a lot of time and effort for Captain Sim to regain the trust of the flight sim community, and we don’t think that will happen with releases such as the new 777-300 that the studio has now released.

Captain Sim launched the 777-200 as a Base Pack, with a promise of future Expansions that would bring new models and features. The 777-300 that was now released was supposed to be one of those Expansions, but the developers decided to release it as a standalone, which at least gives some indication that they have been listening to some feedback.

Captain Sim 777 300 MSFS 5

Captain Sim 777 300 MSFS 4

Captain Sim 777 300 MSFS 2

Captain Sim 777 300 MSFS 1

In any case, this 777-300ER follows the same line as the shorter -200 variant: it’s a high-quality 3D model of the aircraft, but with the underlying systems and functionality from the default 747. So, not a good choice for someone looking for an in-depth aircraft simulation, but arguably fairly decent for less demanding pilots.

Captain Sim is asking $20 for this new model. In all honesty, we can’t ask for much more with a price tag such as this. As the developers jokingly put it when answering a comment on Facebook, no one can expect an “FAA-approved simulation” for $20.

Captain Sim’s 777-300 is now available from the developer’s website.