BeyondATC previews traffic injection system in new video

BeyondATC has been making significant strides within the MSFS community, initially capturing attention with the promise to revolutionize ATC through AI technology and, more recently, generating further excitement with its plans to inject and manage aircraft traffic in the simulator.

Following a complete overhaul designed to seamlessly integrate these two key features, the developers have now released a new video that showcases the traffic injection system, demonstrating its ability to interact effectively with MSFS. It highlights how the system minimizes resource usage while efficiently populating a large airport, thereby minimizing performance impact.

The video, which you can see below, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the traffic management employed by BeyondATC, which calculates the positioning and movement of AI aircraft without rendering graphical elements, thus conservatively using resources. This efficient approach enables the system to manage aircraft spacing and interactions effectively, crucial for simulating a realistic air traffic environment.

BeyondATC impressively integrates airport data directly from the user’s scenery files, ensuring a personalized and accurate simulation. The system utilizes this data to generate flight paths from every gate to runways, creating a network of preferred routes for departing aircraft, while incoming aircraft are guided to avoid these paths.

The highlight of the video is the demonstration of the system managing multiple AI aircraft simultaneously. This includes a detailed look at how the software sequences aircraft, resolving conflicts and ensuring smooth operations. The system’s ability to prioritize aircraft waiting longer and navigate them through the airport realistically, adhering to actual taxi patterns, is indeed quite impressive.

With this update, BeyondATC continues to raise the stakes with the promise of revolutionising Microsoft Flight Simulator’s ATC and AI traffic systems in dramatic new ways! A release date is planned for 2024, so stay tuned for some updates about this exciting add-on!