SimWorks Studios and FSReborn announce the Boeing 727-200 Advanced for MSFS!

Starting to feel the need for a new vintage airliner in Microsoft Flight Simulator? It’s not like there’s a great variety of such machines in the simulator, especially powered by jet engines, which is why this announcement is particularly thrilling: SimWorks Studios and FSReborn are partnering to bring one of Boeing’s first jetliners to Microsoft Flight Simulator!

This surprising announcement happened today during a stream with TheFlyingFabio, which was mainly dedicated to showcasing the Van’s RV-10 that SimWorks Studio is launching tomorrow. Alex Vletsas from SWS and Raul Morales from FSReborn were both online to share the news, which had already been hinted at by FSReborn a few months ago. The two teams will partner to bring a highly-detailed rendition of the one and only Boeing trijet in its most evolved variant: the 727-200 Advanced.

SimWorks Studios seems to have a lot on its plate already, but they continue to announce exciting new products for the months and years to come. With the RV-10 now ready, the PC-12 should follow as the main focus of development for the team (after a few delays). Note that they also worked on the Dash 7 for PILOT’s (we’re waiting for news about that release soon) and have also recently announced the B-52 Stratofortress.

Of course, FSReborn has also made a fantastic debut in MSFS with the Sting S4, which continues to be one of the most unique and richly-featured GA airplanes in the simulator.

Besides the announcement, SWS and FSReborn didn’t reveal much else about the project. Alex says they want to “do it properly” and look forward to recreating the entire aircraft and all of its features, including the flight engineer station. That’s right, the 727 has a crew of 3 and the developers promise to take that into account in this rendition of the airplane for MSFS!

With not much else to learn about this airplane for now, it’s time to add it to the list of aircraft in development for MSFS and wait for more news soon from SimWorks Studios and FSReborn. Stay tuned!