Terrainy Studios launches the Van’s RV-8 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

After seemingly disappearing out of sight, the Van’s RV-8 from Terrainy Studios is finally out for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

We first spotted this aircraft more than a year ago, when the developers shared the first details and preview images of this homebuilt kit airplane. A minor development update followed in November, when the airplane seemed pretty much nearing completion… and then nothing. Terrainy Studios went silent for months, quietly working in the background while other high-profile projects came into view… until today!

It’s probably not a coincidence that the RV-8 is coming right after Sim Update 10. Many third-party developers have been holding off on launching new airplanes for weeks and even months, expecting to see how the very significant changes introduced with SU10 would affect their products. We are now very likely to see a stream of new airplanes flood the market… and judging from these early days following SU10’s launch, things are looking good. Yesterday we got the Airbus A319 from LatinVFR, and now it’s the RV-8 that becomes available for MSFS simmers to add to their hangar!

Sadly, it seems the developers decided to release just the taildragger variant of the RV-8. Early statements promised that both the taildragger and the tricycle gear would be included, but that’s not the case on this launch version. This may always change with a future update, of course… but there’s no word about that from the development team.

What we’re getting is a cool-looking model, featuring a nice and fully IFR-capable analog cockpit with support for the Asobo G430 and the PMS50 GTM650, working circuit breakers, an interactive tablet, and the promise of an authentic flight model capable of aerobatic maneuvers. Just like the real RV-8.

The Van’s RV-8 for MSFS is the first aircraft from Terrainy Studios, and it’s now available at around $20/€20 + tax.

If you’re a fan of Van’s kit airplanes, definitely check out two other models that are already out for MSFS: the RV-14 from SimWork Studios and the freeware RV-7 from Deejing.

Terrainy studios vans rv 8 msfs 5

Terrainy studios vans rv 8 msfs 4

Terrainy studios vans rv 8 msfs 3

Terrainy studios vans rv 8 msfs 2

Terrainy studios vans rv 8 msfs 1

Terrainy Studios RV-8 Features:

  • Accurate Flight model developed alongside real rv8 pilots
  • Realistic taildragger behaviour
  • Fully IFR capable cockpit
  • GPS options, G430 (Asobo) and GTN650 (PMS50)
  • Working circuit breakers
  • Dynamic/Interactable static objects
  • Dynamic fuel in fuel tanks with visible level
  • In cockpit tablet for static objects control
  • In cockpit physical checklist
  • Simulated ice accretion on surfaces and engine
  • 3D adjustable lighting in both interior and exterior
  • High resolution 4k PBR textures
  • Optimum performance
  • VR Compatible

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