Freeware C-17 Globemaster for MSFS receives major updates

The C-17 Globemaster III is an iconic military transport aircraft, recognized for its robust capability in strategic airlift missions, including cargo transportation, medical evacuation, and tactical airdrops. Designed by McDonnell Douglas in the 1980s and now part of Boeing’s lineup, the C-17 serves numerous air forces across the globe, showcasing impressive versatility and performance.

For MSFS simmers, the excitement of piloting such an aircraft is no longer limited to the real world. Delta Simulations has brought the C-17 to life for Microsoft Flight Simulator in an impressive package that has seen some major updates in recent weeks. Their dedicated efforts have resulted in a detailed freeware mod that allows players to experience the thrill of flying this massive airlifter!

Freeware Delta C 17 Globemaster MSFS 2

Delta Simulations’ rendition of the C-17 Globemaster III is a visually accurate and very functional add-on. It has been in development for over two years but versions 3.3 and 3.4, released in the last couple of months, have brought a significant leap in quality, with overhauled 3D models, a more immersive sound package, and an avionics suite that more closely resembles the one on the real aircraft.

Mind you, this still shows the signs of a typical freeware aircraft. The exterior looks quite good but the cockpit is decidedly average in terms of visuals. However, this C-17 is quite feature-rich for a freeware aircraft. There are plenty of features more often seen in payware products, such as state-saving, an EFB, failures, and external elements such as cones and “remove before flight” tags.

Delta Simulations also says that this mod is optimized for various hardware configurations, ensuring a broad accessibility range within the MSFS community.

Freeware Delta C 17 Globemaster MSFS 5

Freeware Delta C 17 Globemaster MSFS 4

Freeware Delta C 17 Globemaster MSFS 3

Freeware Delta C 17 Globemaster MSFS 6

Freeware Delta C 17 Globemaster MSFS 7

Freeware Delta C 17 Globemaster MSFS 1

Delta Simulations maintains an active presence within the community, with regular updates and hotfixes available through GitHub.

If you’re looking to have some fun flying a C-17 for MSFS, it doesn’t get better than this as of now. There was a C-17 from SC Designs in development, but it has since been canceled in favour of this freeware project.

If you’re interested in the Delta Simulations C-17 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can grab it now for free through the developer’s GitHub page. Just download the file here.