Got Friends’ Legacy Collection launches in the MSFS Marketplace with 6 stunning aircraft

The talented team at Got Friends has just introduced six of their stunning creations to the MSFS Marketplace, effectively expanding Xbox support for these airplanes that have previously only been available to PC users. The Legacy Collection can now be purchased via the MSFS Marketplace for a mere $4.99!

All of the 6 airplanes featured in the Legacy Collection have been released before for PC users and have helped establish Got Friends’ earlier reputation as a team of talented modders. Since then, we’ve seen them grown immensely to the point of being amongst the best aircraft developers in the simulator as testified by the Wilga and the Wildcat.

The 6 airplanes in the Legacy Collection are:

The Legacy Collection is essentially an effort from Got Friends to bring all of these aircraft to Xbox users, who can only get add-ons via the MSFS Marketplace. The $4.99 price tag is the minimum allowed by Microsoft, thus making this slightly more expensive for PC simmers than getting the airplanes straight from Got Friends’ website, where they remain individually available for free download.

However, getting them through the Marketplace has several advantages, such as easier maintenance as all airplanes get automated updates. It’s also a way for simmers to support Got Friends’ work!