GotGravel is back with another STOL powerhouse: the Monster NXCub

GotGravel has made a name for himself in the MSFS Community with a selection of highly popular and very fun mods, which usually augment some of the default Asobo airplanes with better performance, improved flight dynamics, or great new features. It’s a work we’ve seen before with the Savage Carbon or Vertigo, for example, but the developer is also involved with other teams: the Got Friends collective (with the Discus-2C glider or the awesome GeeBee R3), but also FlyingIron Simulations and Parallel 42. A very sought-after talent indeed!

As you can see, GotGravel’s work can be enjoyed across a series of aircraft already available, with many more to come, and today we’re bringing you a very cool “new” aircraft that he has retouched: the Monster NXCub, a modification of the CubCrafters NX Cub that was released with the GOTY Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The NX Cub is essentially an XCub with tricycle gear, for those looking to avoid the perils of a taildragger configuration. GotGravel picked up on the stock aircraft and implemented the usual adjustments to the flight model, which he says will now “hit all the numbers”. The engine has also seen a significant upgrade: the Lycoming 393i 215HP.

GotGravel Monster NXCub MSFS 4

GotGravel Monster NXCub MSFS 3

GotGravel Monster NXCub MSFS 1

GotGravel Monster NXCub MSFS 5

If this power is now enough, rest assured that the Monster NXCub will not have you stranded in any remote area. A Nitrous Oxde System (NOS) has been installed, an instant power injection that provides an additional 100hp, perfect for those particularly difficult STOL takeoffs or emergency climbs. It can be handily enabled through a switch in the cockpit, but be warned: it can only be activated for up to 3 minutes.

The Monster NXCub is capable of cruise speeds of over 130 kts and a maximum altitude of 14.000 feet. More impressive are the aircraft’s STOL capabilities. Take-offs can be obtained in just 120 feet, and 80 feet is enough for a landing (however, in this case, you may have trouble leaving the place).

This is an aircraft that makes use of the default Garmin G3X avionics, but it’s highly recommended that you install the Working Title G3X mod, which adds many useful features and improvements, such as automatic pitot heat, customized engine panel, removal of terrain proximity callouts, and more.

Overall, the Monster NXCub is another welcome mod to a default MSFS airplane, turning what would otherwise be an ordinary light plane into a fun and authentic STOL powerhouse. It’s highly recommended and, as usual, it’s available as a free download.