The freeware Discus-2c glider is now out for MSFS

As promised, Got Friends released today, on the first day of 2022, their new glider for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Discus-2c is now available for free, ready to offer simmers a zen-like experience to kickstart the new year, soaring above the clouds with just the noise of the wind and the variometer.

The Got Friends Discus-2c is now launching with several innovative features in MSFS, such as the built-in Winch Launch Control or the 6 weather presets designed to generate the conditions for thermals in the simulator. The developers worked to deliver a realistic glider simulation in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and are looking to release the aircraft in the Marketplace for the enjoyment of both PC and Xbox users.

Here is the list of features available with this freeware version of the Discus-2c:

  • Built in-game Winch Launch Control (No External Applications Required).
  • 6 Thermal Active Weather Presets (Alps Summer, Alps Winter, Coastal, Ridge, Cross Country & Standard)
  • B-21 Navigation Display and FSSoar Navigation.
  • Digital Variometer and adjustable Variotone volume and energy modes.
  • Swappable Metric and Imperial Gauges.
  • Working FLARM detection system.
  • Wingflex and Yawstring.
  • Functional Ballast Dump and Effects.
  • 8K/4K Texture Sets.
  • 4 Liveries (Paint Kit Uploaded Seperately).
Discus 2c glider MSFS 8

Discus 2c glider MSFS 7

Discus 2c glider MSFS 6

Discus 2c glider MSFS 5

Discus 2c glider MSFS 4

Discus 2c glider MSFS 3

Discus 2c glider MSFS 2

Discus 2c glider MSFS 1

Got Friends is also looking to release an enhanced payware package with additional features, for those wanting to take their gliding experience even further. This “premium” payware package will include:

  • Extra Liveries
  • 18m FES Variant
  • 18m 2cT Variant
  • Multiple Panel Layouts
  • Custom Sounds
  • More Launch Capabilities
  • Better Navigation Interface
  • Optional Wingtip Wheels
  • Optional CG Hook
  • Optional Oxygen Cylinder Mounts
  • Additional Batteries and Avionic Systems
  • Blue Tinted Canopy Options

Microsoft Flight Simulator is still waiting for official glider support, but that didn’t stop third-party developers from creating their own solutions. We saw this with the introduction of the first helicopters in the sim, and now Got Friends appears to have found a great way to take advantage of the available functionality in the sim to give us the possibility to soar in MSFS.

Is this going to be a new standard for gliders in Microsoft Flight Simulator? Let us know your impressions in the comments below!

The Discus-2c is now available from