SoFly releases Animals in the MSFS Marketplace, major update coming next week

SoFly’s ‘Animals‘, an intriguing add-on that adds thousands of realistic wild animals to the scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator, is set to receive a major update next week that will more than double the number of creatures worldwide. Furthermore, the add-on is now also available for Xbox users following the release in the MSFS Marketplace!

Animals land on Xbox

The latest Marketplace update introduced Xbox users to a wider variety of wildlife in Microsoft Flight Simulator. “Animals” includes over 5,000 animals, ranging from the majestic lions of the savannah to the serene whales of the deep blue, offering an experience identical to that on PC. The add-on is available for purchase at $14.99 USD via the MSFS Marketplace.

Coming next week: Animals for MSFS Update 1

Following the launch of “Animals for MSFS” in September, SoFly has been gathering community feedback and is now poised to release a substantial free update. Scheduled for November 14th, Update 1 (version 1.1.0) promises to introduce a selection of new species, including sharks, leopards, hippos, alligators, and buffalos, further diversifying the in-game wildlife.

In response to community requests for more animated fauna, SoFly has increased the number of animals by an impressive 260%, bringing the total to nearly 13,000 creatures worldwide. This promises to make the virtual world of MSFS feel more alive and immersive than ever, offering pilots new sights to discover on their journeys.

SoFly Animals Buffalo 2

SoFly Animals Sharks 8

SoFly Animals Leopard 4

SoFly Animals Sharks 1

SoFly Animals Sharks 6

SoFly Animals Hippo 1

SoFly Animals Hippo 3

The update will be available on SoFly and OrbxDirect and is currently being processed for release in the Marketplace for both Xbox and PC users. Watch the trailer video above to see some of the cool moments you’ll be able to experience!