The TFDi Design MD-11 for MSFS is now available for Collector’s Edition owners

Note: the images seen here are screenshots shared by MD-11 users through TFDi’s Discord server.

After a couple of delays, TFDi Design has finally begun the exclusive early access phase for their MD-11 Collector’s Edition, delivering the aircraft to the 1,000 purchasers of the Limited Edition released in December 2022. This select group of flight simulation enthusiasts now has the opportunity to experience the MD-11 in Microsoft Flight Simulator, providing valuable real-time feedback on the aircraft’s performance and helping the team squash bugs.

This early access marks the start of a minimum 60-day exclusivity period for the Collector’s Edition owners, which is scheduled to end on January 7. The feedback gathered during this phase will be instrumental in preparing the MD-11 for a wider public release, with TFDi Design committing to addressing any issues that arise during this period.


The company has also outlined its roadmap for the upcoming Extended Simulation Package, which is targeted for release in the middle of the second quarter of 2024. The focus of this package will be to build upon the foundation laid by the Collector’s Edition, enhancing the simulation experience for the broader audience with additional features and refinements.

With this timeframe in mind, despite no clear indication from TFDi about the initial release of the MD-11 for the general public, we’re expecting the package to become available to Pre-sale adopters in February or March – after the end of the 60-day exclusivity period for the Collector’s Edition owners and before the release of the Extended Simulation Package in the middle of Q2 2024.


The interim period will be critical for TFDi Design as they work to optimize the MD-11, ensuring that the eventual transition to the general availability phase meets the high expectations of the flight simulation community. The release of the Extended Simulation Package will follow, aiming to provide an even more in-depth and immersive simulation of the MD-11 aircraft.

The TFDi Design MD-11 is a comprehensive effort to recreate the iconic McDonnell Douglas MD-11 with an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This ambitious endeavor has been geared towards providing a deeply immersive experience that captures the complexities and nuances of the real-world aircraft.


With a commitment to delivering a “beyond study level” simulation, the development team has engaged with various experts and leveraged advanced technologies to ensure that each aspect of the MD-11’s operation is represented with high fidelity. The project aims to cater to both the hardcore flight simulation aficionados who seek a rigorous and authentic piloting experience, as well as to those who are newer to the hobby but eager for a rich and detailed simulation.

The Collector’s Edition release is just the latest chapter in the ongoing development story of the TFDi Design MD-11. The project has evolved over time, sometimes in a slightly controversial way as was the case when the limited pre-order went live, but TFDi has stayed truthful to its promises and continues to deliver regular updates, keeping the community informed of progress and milestones.