A2A Simulations and MSFS: no Accu-Sim yet, but airplanes are in development

A2A Simulations is possibly the last big aircraft third-party development studio that has yet to jump on the MSFS bandwagon. We’ve heard very little from them since MSFS released last year. First, there was the announcement of the development of the Aerostar 600, which was put on hold after the real aircraft was forced to a belly landing on New Year’s Eve. Then, they revealed that the first aircraft to come to MSFS would be the Comanche 250. However, the team is still facing difficulties to bring their Accu-Sim technology to MSFS, which is severely hurting the prospect of future A2A airplanes on this new platform.

News from A2A have been difficult to come by, as the studio seems more interested in pursuing its business with the US military than to fulfill the wishes of the desktop flight simulation community. What we have learned has come from impromptu posts on the company’s support forum, where Scott Gentile, A2A’s owner, sometimes shares some insider information about what is going on in A2A Simulations. The latest developments came these past few days. After being pressured once again to unveil details about A2A’s plans for MSFS, Scott Gentile went ahead and revealed a few interesting insights – including the possibility of developing their own flight simulation platform!

Again, A2A has been working hard in the context of its relationship with the US military. However, desktop simmers have not been forgotten. The team continues to work to bring their quintessential Accu-Sim technology to MSFS, necessary to pave the way for future A2A-quality aircraft in the platform. Sadly, Accu-Sim is still not ready for MSFS, due to a final technical hurdle that still needs to be dealt with. Scott is confident that the four brand new airplanes they currently have under development will end up in MSFS. There is, however, a 10-20% of that not happening if the issues with Accu-Sim prove to be insurmountable.

aerostar 10
The only existing images of the Aerostar for MSFS

Surprisingly, Scott revealed that they are also working on an airplane for MSFS without Accu-Sim. In this case, this undisclosed airplane will be using the core MSFS tools, with A2A focusing on the airplane’s looks and appearance. In any case, we should hear more concrete news about this over the coming weeks, not months. It’s unclear where the Aerostar and the Comanche fit in any of this.

The end goal for A2A is to gather a better understanding of the future of non-commercial flight simulation. If they are able to finally develop Accu-Sim for MSFS, then they will compare MSFS to P3D and estimate where this future will lie on.

There’s also the possibility of a surprising turn of events. When questioned if A2A is only considering P3D and MSFS as future development platforms, Scott revealed that they are, in fact, looking into all the possibilities – including their own!

We are closer than anyone thinks to our own platform. And we’re not just thinking GA, but air combat. Anyone want this? I know I do.

Scott Gentile, CEO of A2A Simulations

Intriguing, to say the least. A2A does make some beautifully realistic warbirds that would certainly be incredibly fun to have in a combat flight simulator. But creating an entirely new platform to support that? Very ambitious, but possibly also very compelling given A2A’s relationship with the US military.

Hopefully, there will be new developments in the next coming weeks. Obviously, we are most looking to hear that, in fact, Accu-Sim will be possible to implement in MSFS. That will open the path for exciting new airplanes from the A2A wizards, who have proven to be among the very best in the business. If that’s not happening, rest assured that, according to Scott, “nothing will stop A2A from developing flight simulations to the level expected of us, regardless of the platform“.