A2A Simulations developing the Comanche 250 for MSFS, Aerostar coming later

The above and below images of the Comanche 250 are from from A2A’s P3D version of the aircraft. At the time of this writing there are no public images of the aircraft in MSFS, so these are loosely used here as a reference.

If there’s a major flight sim developer that we haven’t heard much lately, when it comes to MSFS, it’s definitely A2A. The team has been flying under the radar, having only revealed that that they were working to bring the Aerostar 600 to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, which should have been the studios’ first entry into the new sim.

Sadly, things turned upside down when Scott Gentile’s (A2A owner) very own Aerostar, which was the exact aircraft being modeled and simulated with the company’s Accu-Sim technology, was forced to do an emergency landing on New Year’s Eve. The left landing gear didn’t extend and Scott and his son Jack were forced to put it down, scrapping the left wing across Bradley’s International Airport runway.

Thankfully, everyone was okay, but the Aerostar suffered some damage that apparently doesn’t make it feasible to put it flying again. The good news for us, flight simmers, is that A2A still plans to eventually release an Accu-Simmed version of the Aerostar for MSFS, since most of the data that was needed had already been collected by the time the plane crashed.

aerostar 10
aerostar 10

Aerostar 11
Aerostar 11

So, nothing really new on that front. The Aerostart 600 from A2A Simulations will still be coming to MSFS, although it will probably take a bit more time that anticipated at first. This is where the real news comes in because, in the meantime, Scott Gentile has revealed that their Piper Comanche 250 will now be A2A’s first airplane to be released for Flight Simulator!

The news was candidly revealed on A2A forums, without many additional details. It’s being called as a “new Comanche” (remember that A2A’s Comanche 250 was already available for FSX and P3D). Scott revealed that getting A2A’s technology to MSFS has been a huge task, but the team is committed to their high quality standards, which has the downside of needing a slow development process at first. Things should pick up some pace after they have a system in place for the new sim, which should allow production to go back to normal.

This is probably where the Comanche 250 will come in, as a testbed for Accu-Sim in MSFS, paving the way for the Aerostar and all the other amazing airplanes that A2A will certainly create for MSFS. Time will tell how much more we will have to wait for A2A’s highly anticipated first entry in Flight Simulator. The studio is widely regarded as one of the best third-party developers of airplanes for flight simulation, with many classics for older platforms such as the Comanche, the Cherokee, or the Spitfire and P-51 warbirds. Hopefully, in the future, we will have the chance to fly them all in MSFS!

A2A PA24 4
The Comanche cockpit in P3D.