TFDi opens the MD-11 for pre-order, limited copies available

TFDi is working on a pretty ambitious project to bring the MD-11 to Microsoft Flight Simulator, in what the team has previously said will be a “beyond study level“ aircraft. We’ve seen little in terms of development updates from TFDi, but they are hard at work developing this aircraft with the goal of releasing it in 2023. TFDi is now offering the chance for the most enthusiastic simmers to help the development process and get early access to the aircraft with a limited pre-sale event!

Starting now, TFDi is offering 1000 copies of the MD-11 Collector’s Edition for $80. This will work on both MSFS and P3D and will give you a the following list of goodies:

  • The TFDi Design MD-11 Base Package 
  • The Freighter Expansion 
  • The Extended Simulation Package with advanced failures and the in-flight instructor system
  • The ER (Extended Range) Variant (a special variant exclusive to this presale)
  • Guaranteed beta access 
  • Access to an exclusive Discord channel where development updates will be previewed early 
  • A personalized certificate of sale showing your MD-11’s sequence number
TFDi MD 11 MSFS pre order 3

TFDi MD 11 MSFS pre order 1

TFDi says the MD-11 is approaching the final stages of development and is currently expected to launch in September 2023. Early access supporters will get access to beta builds that will allow them to experience the in-development aircraft and provide valuable feedback to the development team!

Besides launching this limited pre-sale, TFDi has also revised the pricing scheme for the MD-11 product line. It was initially planned to be priced at $89.99 for the Passenger or Cargo variant, plus an additional $14.99 to get the whole package. Forget that! The new pricing is as follows:

  • $70 for the base pack (passenger or freighter, both engine models)
  • $10 for the freighter/passenger version (depending on which base pack was bought) 
  • $5 for the Extended Simulation Package 

It’s definitely a bit cheaper, which is always welcome. Do the math and you’ll realize that pre-ordering the package will get you a $5 discount, which is even better!

The MD-11 Collector’s Edition is now available to pre-order through TFDi’s website!